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Adult and Children ballet classes in New York with a ballerina from the legendary Bolshoi.

Adult Group Ballet Classes:

TRIAL CLASS:  Every Monday – 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM at Ripley Grier Studios located at 939 8th Ave. Studio 3A

Beginner & Intermediate Levels Accepted (Teens and Adults)


8 lessons – $200 ($25 each)

4 lessons – $120 ($30 each)

or single drop-in class – $35

Private Ballet Classes for both children and adults are offered in studio in Manhattan

Anastasia specializes in helping adults in starting and achieving strong technique en pointe.

Contact Anastasia to schedule your half hour evaluation: 646-736-9597  or


“Best ballet studio ever! Miss Anastasia is an amazing teacher and very caring. She teaches us very well and my technique is improving constantly. Her lessons are fun and serious at the same time and everyone enjoys them, I wouldn’t miss a lesson!”
“Anastasia is a very experienced and knowledgeable teacher who brings out the best. She makes sure you work. She builds your physical strength and understanding as well as joy in dance to constantly help you progress and fine tune technique.       She is herself a great dancer who is passionate about ballet and imparts that to her students. I did not learn to dance as a child. I have been learning for about 15 months. I love it! I didn’t think as a mature woman I could learn, but it’s intensive, although I do it once or twice a week, and I’ve learnt a lot! My daughter’s been learning since she was about 5. She’s learnt from Anastasia for the past few years and doing well. Anastasia is so particular about doing things properly, using the right muscles the right way, we’ve never had injuries. And it’s hard but enjoyable and rewarding work! Anastasia has also given her the chance to do an extension class for the very serious students, which has let her develop her skills further. They have performing experience through eisteddfods, exams and end of year concert.”
“Excellent teacher, very knowledgeable on all aspects of ballet and dance and has a great rapport with students. Very lucky to have found such an experienced teacher in Sydney! “
“.. both Kunikova and Koslova are excellent teachers… That’s about all I can think of in the Russian vein, except for Anastasia at Scarsdale Ballet, she’s wonderful with kids, why not look her up?”
“Vivace Danz World, Malaysia, has conducted a 2-day workshop with Ms Anastasia. Content of the workshop is as below:- – barre work – center practice – pointe work – variation The targeted students for the workshop are students at Intermediate & Advance level (RAD, London). With great response, we have total 30 students participated in the workshop. Ms Anastasia has shared her great knowledge during the workshop. After the workshop, students felt that they have better understanding and improved in the following area:- – posture – foot work – pointe The students would love to join the workshop again in future. Ms Anastasia is a very nice teacher who is willing to share her knowledge and experience with students.”
“I have had several dance teachers in my life but none like Anastasia. Her background and experience is extremely impressive and she is always encouraging to all her students. Her classes are incredible and she is able to assist both beginner and elite ballet students. I have seen both myself and other students improve rapidly as a result of her teaching methods. I have no hesitation in recommending Anastasia as she is both skilled at teaching large classes and giving private lessons. Ultimately, she cares for her students and puts a lot of energy into every class. She is an inspiration to both myself and other young dancers. She is one of those rare individuals that can teach by example and instills confidence in her students. In short, her classes have changed my life and I am still forever grateful for having the opportunity to attend them.”
“My daughter was 15 when she was lucky enough to have private lessons with Miss Anastasia every Saturday for few months in Sydney before Miss Anastasia went back to The States.  We treasure every class. Miss Anastasia has the sharpist eyes that can spot your weakness straight away and see your strength as well. She will patiently correct you and always encourage you. She never yells but she is firm. She will make you repeat the same variation moves over and over until she is happy with it.  And she even wear her points to demonstrate the moves, and eventhough she hasn’t been dancing for sometime, but the quality of a Bolshoi ballerina still amazes me. The most valuable thing that my daughter got from her is not only the Vaganova techniques but the artistry of performance – “the juice” she called. She knows every variation thoroughly and knows how to dance to make the character alive. Miss Anastasia has so much knowledge and experience of ballet dance. She has inspired my daughter greatly. She is a caring teacher. She gave my daughter lots of advices and support as well as correcting my daughter’s wrong thoughts too.  What more can you ask for from a teacher!

Although my daughter has been dancing for years and has good foundation, but Miss Anastasia has definitely help her understand ballet better and reached a higher level. My daughter has been accepted by most of the ballet schools Summer Intensive Programs she sent audition video to. Some gave her full tuition scholarships and offer her full-time training positions with scholarship.   She is now dancing in Europe. “
Anastasia Erchov taught me to dance. I started ballet when I was over 30 years old. Anastasia taught me everything about dance. Not just how to dance. Anastasia classes were strict, fun, professional and a great workout. She was patient, caring, yet firm and had high expectations. She is the epitome of ballet. Her love and her desire to show others how to dance is undeniable.       Anastasia takes the time to know every student personally and teaches them how to dance with their strengths and weaknesses in mind. Anastasia is always thinking of how she can improve and better inform her students and introduces a number of teaching platforms. I was the fittest, happiest and most talented dancer whilst dancing with Anastasia. Anastasia took the time to ensure each student felt welcome. Some of my best friends come from her classes, due to the open and friendly environment Anastasia engendered. I know all the other girls miss her terribly too :(.

I have danced for over five years now, mainly in Sydney, but also classes in London and New York. I am still yet to find another teacher as great, talent and marvellous as Anastasia. Anastasia is a gift to ballet!

Anastasia is an exceptional and warm ballet teacher.   My young daughter has thrived under her guidance.  Anastasia has extensive experience in teaching, performing, choreography and production.   She inspires her students with her passion and drive.  Her technical knowledge is without question. Not only has my daughter developed  both physically and artistically, she has acquired a love  of the ballet.  I highly recommend Anastasia for  ballet dancers of all levels and ages.